Your very old HTC desire HD is not dead !

To prove that, I present the  project jelly time from XDA forum. The goal is to run the android version 4.2 on your HTC desire HD without sens framework.

I have installed jelly time a few days ago, and all feature are working perfectly (head phones with all buttons, the camera HD recording, …) on r10.

Drawback :

  • Flash player is not updated for this version and the last stills bugy
  • Google chrom is slow, I recommend Firfox
  • We have not the beautifully weather animation on lock screen.
  • I have lost the usefully news widget.
  • The search button launches Google Now instead a stupid search bar in application menu

Advantages :

  • You could update the unmaintained application from android 2.3 such as opera, openvpn, etc.
  • The background data could be disabled, many application keep sleeping when you connect the phone to the internet
  • The data consumption is more complete
  • The notification menu has button tu make some action like call or repsond on sms or shutdown the alarm clock.
  • We can add many widget on lock screen.

To conclude this version on android is fully working on this device and add some interesting features without battery draining.
Update : Taktik 4.4.2 is mode efficient thant Jelly Time http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2525906 Have fun!